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Fishing Charters in Cabo San Lucas – All You Need to Know about

If you want to enjoy a ride on the renowned Los Cabos as well as Lovers Bay, book a fishing charter boat with your friends and family to do it your way. All that someone could wish for is cruising with Fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas with a sunset view, private space, wide decks, a skilled driver, plus quality gear.

How much does a fishing charter cost?

  • River Fishing- 243 dollars for one person
  • Bass Fishing- 230 dollars for one person
  • Deep-Sea Fishing- 209 dollars for one person
  • Average Cost-249 dollars for one person

Why fishing in Cabo San Lucas?

Whale Watching Season- The whale-watching period in Cabo San Lucas runs from the beginning of December through the middle of April. The busiest months are late December and early January. Many whales, besides humpbacks, can be seen here. Even during winter, orca whales, grey whales, and blue whales could be seen in the Sea of Cortez. Apart from that, the true environment of Los Cabos may be seen from Cabo Arch, which stretches to Santa Maria beach.

Cabo San Lucas is a popular whale-watching destination, with visitors arriving from all around the world. Cabo is bordered by the sea, which serves as a migratory stopover but also a breeding ground for Pacific Ocean whales.

What could be a prime spot for all of these qualities, since you will undoubtedly see them at their finest here? From December through March, they can be seen here. Various adventure trip companies can get a thorough look at some of these creatures and capture this wonderful event on film. They will accompany you on the tour and bring you to the best places to see whales.

The Marlin world Capital – Cabo San Lucas is regarded as the “World’s Marlin Capital” for a valid reason. Cabo boasts the finest marlin fishing throughout the world, with plenty of striped marlins, blue marlin, and black marlin. The Bisbee’s Black and Blue, the top marlin sportfishing contest, is often held here.

Varieties of fishes- Fishing in Cabo is wonderful for more than simply marlin, as our ocean provides fisherman with a diverse range of alternatives. Wahoo, Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna, and Roosterfish are all the best fishing species.

Fun for family –Fishing in Cabo San Lucas is a great way to spend time with the whole family. A fishing trip is a terrific way to explore Cabo when you’re considering a family holiday here.

Cabo San Lucas Climate and Scenery- Cabo San Lucas attracts more visitors than just fishers. Our small slice of Baja is a favorite vacation for families, lovers, and friends for a variety of reasons. New arrivals are drawn to the area by the beaches, climate, lively atmosphere, plus beautiful landscape, as well as the famed adventures that wait for them. World-class deep sea, as well as inshore fishing, is among the most famous activities accessible.

Fish with the greatest fishing charters- One of its best features regarding fishing in Cabo San Lucas is indeed the opportunity to fish with the champions.


Cabo San Lucas provides a variety of fishing trips to its customers who want to have the best fishing service possible. Every month has a different number of fish, however, September is the greatest month to obtain the most fishing experience. Choose the ideal fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas for both you and your family during your stay in Cabo San Lucas.

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